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Speakers' Reception (by invitation)

Date:Sunday 5 June
Time:18:00 - 21:30*
Venue:Brovaria Restaurant
Old Market Square
Stary Rynek 73/74

Brovaria Restaurant is located in the heart of Poznan - The Old Market Square: the oldest part of the city. The restaurant is famous for its home-brewed beer.

* 18:00 short guided walk and visit to the old part of the city - meeting point at the front of Brovaria Restaurant
19:00 -Dinner at Brovaria Restaurant

Opening Reception

Date:Monday, 6 June
Time:19:30 - 22:00
Venue:Muzeum Narodowe
Marcinkowskiego 9

The mixed modern and old-style complex of the National Museum’s buildings in the city centre is very close to the Old Market Square and it is a great place to learn more about Poznań, its history and its culture. The Museum’s exposition will be opened for the TNC2005 participants and a very nice artistic performance will give everybody an opportunity to meet with the history of the cradle of the Polish state and the present - the famous education and research centre.

Muzeum Narodowe(National Museum) is a monumental building in the very centre of Poznań near to the old market place. (Their website is available only in Polish.)

Gala Evening (sponsored by ALMA S.A. and Cisco Poland)

Date:Wednesday, 8 June
Time:20:00 - 23:00
Venue:Stary Browar (The Old Brewery)
Ulica Polwiejska

Stary Browar (The Old Brewery) is located on the corner of two streets in the city centre: Ulica Polwiejska (one of the most popular shopping arteries) and Ulica Kościuszki.

Stary Browar is a complex of old brewery buildings that has been newly renovated. It is a city within the city, combining commerce and art, history and the present, singularity and everyday life. The Gala Dinner will take place in the Slodownia building,where restaurants are located on different levels.The unique levels will offer many opportunities for everyone to find something interesting.

The sponsors of the Gala Evening, ALMA and Cisco Poland invite you to enjoy some local and regional specialities of both food and music.

Tickets are available for additional family members to attend the Gala Evening. Please enquire at the Registration and Information Desk.


Lunch will be served on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00 until 14:00 at the conference venue.

Conference sessions end at 12:30. Lunch will be served continuously from 12:00 until 14:00. It is not necessary to line up for lunch at exactly 12:30 when your session ends.


Shuttle buses will be provided for the social events and for the conference from the hotels listed in the accommodation section and from the conference venue.

Bus Schedules will be posted in the hotels and on the conference Website.


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