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Monday, June 6

09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Opening Plenary Session
  1. Welcome on behalf of the Minister of Science and Information Society Technologies
  2. Welcome to TNC 2005
  3. Welcome to Poznan from the Mayor
  4. Applications and Technologies for High-speed Networking
Networking in Other World Regions
  1. Development of NRENs in Latin America
  2. Introducing Activities in APAN (Asian Pacific Advanced Network)
  3. The Alice Project

(for Sunday and Friday, see also: Meetings around the Conference)

TERENA Technical Advisory Council
(closed meeting)
09:00 - 12:30

Juniper R&E Summit
(registration required)
09:00 - 12:30
Congress Centre

TF-PR Demo - SURFnet Website Statistics
Press Room

Opening Reception
19:30 - 23:00
National Museum

Extending the Network outside the NREN Community
  1. Accessing Content via the UK Schools Education Network
  2. Biblioteca d'Alessandria: A Peer-to-peer Network for Scholar Knowledge Exchange
  3. Sakai Project
Bandwidth on Demand
  1. Bandwidth Reservation for User Work (BRUW)
  2. (GN2) Towards a pan-European Bandwidth on Demand Service
  3. Grid Services for Resource Reservation and Allocation
  1. IPv6 Deployment Challenges on the SEEREN Infrastructure
  2. IPv6 Site Multihoming Status
  3. Interdomain multicast routing with IPv6
TERENA Activities
  1. SEEFIRE - South-East Europe Fibre Infrastructure for Research and Education
  2. (GN2) NA4 -TERENA Compendium
  3. (GN2) NA4 Support for research and education networking in less advanced countries
  4. Enabling Trans-European Collaboration Services

Tuesday, June 7

09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Plenary 2
  1. (GN2) GÉANT 2: A Very Different Sort of Network
  2. Understanding the Risks: Is Safe Computing Possible?
New Intercontinental Connectivity
  2. (GN2) The Development of Global Research Networking
  3. GLIF, the Global Lambda Integrated Facility
  1. Biometrics Standardisation
  2. Control Spam by the Use of Greylisting
  3. SPAM Filtering on Huge Mail Servers with j-chkmail
Protecting the Network
  1. Pervasive Core Security
  2. Distributed Incident Handling System in Polish Optical Internet Network
  3. (GN2) The Role of Security in NRENs

18:00 - 19:30
Congress Centre
Room A

Schoolnet BoF
17:30 - 19:30
Congress Centre
Room E
(please register)

Grid Projects on Infrastructure
  1. The DEISA Project – Network Operation and Support - First Experiences
  2. Unified Access to Grid Infrastructures
  3. Clusterix:National IPv6 Computing Facility in Poland
Scheduling Applications on the Grid
  1. The Grid Authorisation Service – Internal Design, Interaction with External Services and Management
  2. Scheduling Interactive Tasks in the Grid-based Systems
  3. A Model of the Environment for Flexible Access to Complex Distributed Applications
Grid Middleware: Interaction with Network Layers
  1. Networking activities in the EGEE project
  2. Factoring Lower Networking Layers into the Grid
  3. Checkpoint - Restart Packages Originated in PSNC
Advances in IP/Optical Networking
  1. Advanced Optical Technologies and Their Potential Deployment Timeframes
  2. Impact of Photonic Switches on IP/Optical Network Architecture for Advanced e-Science Applications
  3. Advanced optical transmission and switching technologies for next generation wavelength-abundant IP/Optical networks
Fibre Optic Technologies: Testbeds and Trends
  1. VIOLA: A Testbed for Advanced Network Services
  2. The European IST project MUPBED: Integration of Application and Network Control Layer
  3. Optical Fibre Development for High Data Rate Transmission
Interdomain Layer2 Network Services and Experiments
  1. Interdomain VPLS and Deployment Experiences
  2. Inter-Domain GMPLS Traffic Engineering
  3. Native Ethernet Transmission beyond the LAN
EduRoam: A GÉANT Step for Mankind
  1. Eduroam: past, present and future
  2. EduPass
  3. Culture in the Neighbourhood
Large-scale WLAN Deployments
  1. WLAN at CERN
  2. Management of large Wireless Networks
  3. Scaling RADIUS to Support a Nationwide Network Access Infrastructure
Future Directions in Mobility
  1. IPv6 Network Mobility on Ad Hoc Network for Public Transportation Systems
  2. Extending SSM to MIPv6 – Problems, Solutions and Improvements
  3. (GN2) Combining RADIUS with Secure DNS for Dynamic Trust Establishment between Domains
Network Monitoring for the NREN Community
  1. LOBSTER: Passive Network Taffic Monitoring for Performance and Security
  2. Use cases of LOBSTER for the NREN community
  3. (GN2) GN2 Activities and the LOBSTER Project
Technological Advances in Network Monitoring
  1. Full Packet Monitoring Sensors: Hardware and Software Challenges
  2. FFPF: Fairly Fast Packet Filters
  3. Capture and Analysis towards 10Gbps
Panel Discussion about the Future of Network Monitoring
  1. Panel Discussion 4
  2. Panel Discussion 5
  3. Panel Discussion 1
  4. Panel Discussion 3
  5. Panel Discussion 2

Wednesday, June 8

09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Plenary 3
  1. Higher Education Networks: The State of the Practice Today and Tomorrow's Challenges
  2. Sensor Networks: The Next Step in Networking
Networking within the Law
  1. Copyright Strategies in the Networked Environment
  2. Rules for registration of names under the .eu TLD
  3. Network Performance Measurement: Privacy and Legal Issues
Realtime: Streaming
  1. iTVP Platform: Delivering Interactive TV Services over IP Networks
  2. Information Grid Services in the Polish Optical Internet PIONIER
  3. Networked Multimedia with Internet Media Guides
Realtime: Conferencing and Multicast
  1. On the use of Reliable Multicast for Content Distribution
  2. A Rich and Integrated Group Communication Environment
  3. Voice and Video on JANET

Nortel BoF
17:30 - 18:30
Conference Centre - Room A

Gala Evening
20:00 - 23:00
The Old Brewery
Main door - shopping centre

Grid Monitoring and Accounting
  1. MonALISA : A Distributed Service for Monitoring, Control and Global Optimization
  2. GridICE: a Monitoring Service for Grid Systems
  3. Grid accounting in EGEE, current practices
Semantic Web: Enriching Information Systems
  1. Managing a Web Site in Several Languages
  2. UDS - The Universal Information Distributor
  3. Semantic Interfaces of Web Services
Recent Results
  1. Trust and security in Pervasive Computing
  2. High speed WAN data transfers for science
  3. Early Field Trial Demonstration of GMPLS based Next Generation IP+Optical Network
  4. (GN2) Support by GEANT2 and NRENs for eVBLI in Europe
Routing Protocols
  1. A Proposal and Implementation of Policy-Based Cost Assignment Algorithm for Link State Protocols
  2. Routing challenges for the National Research and Education Networking
  3. RFC2547 Convergence: Characterisation and Optimisation
  1. QoS Measurements
  2. (GN2) The Performance Enhancement Response Team: Origins and Evolution
  3. (GN2-I2) Towards Multi-domain Monitoring for the Research Networks
  1. JANET QoS Development Project – IP Premium and LBE Trials across JANET
  2. Service Level Monitoring with Nagios
  3. Shall we worry about Packet Reordering?
Recent Results
  1. Alternative 'last mile' connections with the use of cheap wireless systems operating in free frequency bands
  2. Wireless connected tablet-pc and GPS for on-campus micro-mobility research at the University of Milan-Bicocca
  3. IPv6 Renumbering: a Call to Arms
  4. A very low cost wireless IPv6 Access Router
AAA Federations
  1. AAI in Europe++
  2. Organising Federated Identity in Finnish Higher Education
  3. Seamlessly Integrating PERMIS and Shibboleth
AAA Architectures
  1. (GN2) The Authentication/Authorisation Initiative in GN2. First Steps towards an Integrated Infrastructure
  2. Using RADIUS as an AAA Backbone for Windows Networks
Eastern European Networking
  1. GN2 - Porta Optica - Distributed Optical Gateway to GEANT2
  2. CEENet - Convergence of Eastern Europe through Network Education and
  3. Panel Discussion - The Future of Eastern European Networking
  4. Update on research networking in Moldova
  5. Research networking in Estonia
  6. Research networking in Belarus
  7. Update on URAN
  8. Update on UARNet
  9. Update on AzNET
  10. Research networking in the Kaliningrad region of Russia
  11. Update from the European Commission
Reaching the Users
  1. (GN2) Segmenting the European Research and Education Networking User Base: Approach and Findings to Date
  2. Reaching user communities: lessons and questions from the Internet2 experience
  3. SURFnet's Community Support
What Services Do the NRENs Need to Provide?
  1. Life Cycle and Portfolio Management from an NRN Perspective
  2. How to Support and Get Away with It
  3. From Strategy to Implementation: Implications for NREN Product Management.

Thursday, June 9

09:00  -  10:30 11:00  -  12:30 14:00  -  15:30 16:00  -  17:30
Campus Networks
  1. (GN2) Network Operations in a Multi-Domain, Hybrid Environment
  2. Managing Bandwidth and Optimising Services on Campus
  3. Privacy-enabled Directory Services
Closing Plenary
  1. Plugging the Human Nervous System into the Network: Experiments and Possibilities with Brain-computer Interfaces
  2. Thanks and Farewell
  3. See you next year in . . . . .

TERENA General Assembly
(closed meeting)
14:00 - 17:30

14:00 - 16:30
Congress Centre
Room E
registration closed

Cisco NGI Symposium
(registration required)
13:30 - 16:30
Congress Centre
Room B

MUPBED Project Workshop
14:00 - 17:30
Congress Centre
Room C
Registration closed (reg

SEINIT Security Tutorial
(please register)
14:00 - 18:00
Congress Centre
Room D

(for Sunday and Friday, see also: Meetings around the Conference)

Recent Results
  1. Russian Federal University Network. Towards the widening of the user community
  2. Belgrade Children’s University Hospital’s Infrastructure, HIS and Grid-Based 3D Visualization
  3. New Technologies Implementation in RENAM Network
Transport Protocols: Wide Area and Storage Area Networks
  1. Fair & useful comparisons: how should we evaluate new TCP proposals ?
  2. Performance Assessment of Distributed SAN Systems
  3. Tools for TCP Performance Debugging
Recent Results
  1. Towards an Analytical Model for characterizing behavior of High-Speed VVoIP applications
  2. Toward ubiquitous IP Telephony deployments: state of the art, challenges and recommendations
  3. Ubiquitous User-Empowered Networks of Active Elements

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