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The poster exhibition area is on the main floor of the conference centre. Poster exhibitors will be available during the afternoon coffee breaks on Tuesday and Wednesday for questions and discussion.

  • Cultural around the Corner and its Location-based Application
    Martijn Arts and Sophie Schoonhoven, ZaPPWeRK Creative Webdevelopment, Netherlands
  • Routing a Filtering Decision in a Single Operation
    David Antos, Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic
  • Project “Estúdios
    Nuno Miguel Dias Mendes Gonçalves, FCCN. Portugal
  • Geneva-Krakow Network Measurements for the ATLAS Remote Farms Studies
    Richard Hughes-Jones, University of Manchester, United Kingdom, Krzysztof Korcyl, IFJ-PAN, Poland and Catalin Meirosu, CERN, Switzerland
  • EENet’s Practice of User Surveys: How to Keep Track of the Needs of Users
    Anne Märdimäe, EENet, Estonia
  • dLibra – Distributed Digital Library Framework
    Cezary Mazurek and Marcin Werla, PSNC, Poland
  • A Wireless Infrastructure Realising Campus Hotspot and Department LAN Access Simultaneously, via Virtual Access Point Technology in our University
    Marcello Meroni and Michele de Varda, Universita’ di Milano, and Marco Brianza, Gemtek-systems, Italy
  • SuperJANET5
    Russell Nelson, UKERNA, United Kingdom
  • The Current State of Scientific Paper Dissemination
    Alessandro Yoshi Polliotti, CNR, Italy
  • Organisation-independent and User-centric Security
    Sathya Rao, Telscom, Switzerland and Peter Kirstein, UCL, United Kingdom
  • The Digital Divide in Italy among Individuals Using Domain Names
    Irma Serrecchia, Maurizio Martinelli and Michela Serrecchia (IIT), CNR, Italy
  • Effective Network Utilisation for Data Grid Environments
    Renata Slota, Lukasz Skital and Darin Nikolow, Institute of Computer Science, AGH-UST and Jacek Kitowski, Institute of Computer Science, AGH-UST and Academic Computer Center CYFRONET AGH, Poland
  • The TERENA Task Forces: TF-NGN, TF-EMC2, TF-Mobility, TF-VVC, TF-CSIRT and TF-PR –Activities and How to Get Involved
    Carol de Groot, TERENA
  • The GÉANT2 Project: A Set of Six Posters about Some of the Research Activities of the GN2 Project
    Simon Watts, DANTE

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