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//TERENA Meetings - TF-EMC2, TF-PR, TF-Mobility, TF-VVC, TAC, GA
// VoIP (Voice over IP) Workshop
//Life Cycle and Portfolio Management BoF
//Cisco Next Generation Internet Symposium
//Juniper Networks R&E Summit
//MUPBED Project Workshop
//ADVA BoF Session
//SEINIT Security Tutorial
//Schoolnet BoF
//Nortel BoF

Venues for the Meetings Listed Below

Congress Centre
Poznań University of Technology (Politechnika Poznańska)
ul. Piotrowo/Berdychowo
60-965 Poznań, Poland


PSNC (in Polish: PCSS)
Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Centre
Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry (Instytut Chemii Bioorganicznej)

Some of the TERENA Task Force meetings as well as the TERENA GA will take place in the Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences complex of buildings where Poznań Supercomputing Center is also located.

All of these meetings will be held in the lecture part of the Institute's main building. The best way is to go to the main entrance on Wieniawskiego street - the formal address is ul.Wieniawskiego17/19.

The PSNC main office is located at ul.Noskowskiego, which is a small street on the other site of the Institute's buildings. Of course, you can get to the meetings through the PSNC entrance, but it will be much easier to use the entrance from Wieniawskiego Street.

The Conference will take place in the new Congress Centre of Poznań University of Technology, at the corner of ul. Piotrowo and Berdychowo.

//TERENA Meetings

TERENA Task Force Meetings (open to all)


Date: Sunday 5 June
Time: 09:30 - 13:00
Venue: PSNC


Date: Sunday 5 June
Time: 14:00 - 17:30
Venue: PSNC


Date: Sunday 5 June
Time: 14:00 - 17:00
Venue: PSNC


Date: Thursday 9 June
Time: 14:00 - 16:30
Venue: Congress Centre, room E
Please register.

TERENA Technical Advisory Council (closed meeting)

Date:Monday 6 June
Time:09:00 - 12:30
Venue: Faculty of Electrical Engineering
ul Piotrowo (near to the Congress Centre)

TERENA General Assembly (closed meeting)

Date:Thursday 9 June
Time:14:00 - 17:30
Date:Friday 10 June
Time:09:00 - 13:00
Venue: to be announced

Schoolnet BoF

Date:Tuesday 7 June
Time:17:30 - 19:30
Venue: Congress Centre, room E

More information about the Schoolnet BoF can be found on the Web page of the intitiative.

Please register for this event using the online form.

//Other Meetings

VoIP (Voice over IP) Workshop
Date:Sunday 5 June
Time:09:00 - 17:00
Venue: Congress Centre

The workshop will give an overview of relevant VoIP and videoconferencing technologies, from an application point-of-view. A short introduction will describe a framework of different usage scenarios in which VoIP and videoconferencing are relevant.An example of each scenario will be presented:

  • PBX replacement (or campus telephony services) with hands-on demonstrations
  • VoIP at home using SIP with hands-on demonstrations
  • VoIP and Videoconferencing are basically the same: H.323 services
  • two standards (H.323 and SIP): bridging both worlds
  • extending functionality: presence, instant messaging
  • future developments

The workshop will include hands-on time spent using and setting up videoconferences with equipment from different vendors installed in the computer labs by PSNC.

The workshop will be led by Erik Dobbelsteijn of SURFnet with local support from Bartlomiej Idzikowski and Michal Przybylski of PSNC and Andrzej Radke of TASK.

The programme for the workshop is on the TF-VVC website.

Participants of the VoIP Workshop should pay their workshop registration fee of 40 euro along with their conference registration payment, using the registration form(s) for the conference.

Life Cycle and Portfolio Management BoF
Date:Sunday 5 June
Time:09:00 - 12:00
Venue: PSNC

There is growing interest within NRENs for lifecycle product and service portfolio management. Representatives from FUNET, HEAnet, SURFnet and SWITCH propose to investigate the feasibility of, and support for the creation of a TERENA task force on Life Cycle and Portfolio Management (LCPM). Anyone who is interested in and/or working on the decision-making processes on LCPM issues is welcome to attend this meeting in order to discuss the potential value of a task force.

NRENs usually offer service portfolios that have emerged in an evolutionary way and with technology-driven development processes. In response to the requirements of an increasingly critical user constituency NRENs have no other choice than to improve the management of their service portfolios. Many NRENs are currently developing procedures/mechanisms that should facilitate dealing with these issues, and hence the exchange of ideas and best practices seems most valuable for the people within NRENs that currently have to face many questions regarding the structuring and development of an NREN service portfolio.

BoF Agenda

  • Opening with short introduction
  • Presentation of the participants
  • Events and lessons learned so far
  • Discussion of long-list of potential work-items
  • Discussion of terms of reference of a potential taskforce
  • Meeting schedule (time and place Q3 meeting)

Please note that the presntations from the session What Services Do the NRENs Need to Provide? relate to the issues discussed at this BoF.

Cisco Next Generation Internet Symposium Invitation from Cisco

Again this year Cisco would like to invite you to attend the Cisco "Next Generation Internet" Symposium taking place in conjunction with this year's TERENA Conference.

Cisco is hosting the Next Generation Internet Symposium, a special one and half-day event, with leaders from National Research Networks,Universities and Research Institutes to exchange views on the future of Internet Technologies,Architecture and how it applies to Research and Higher Education.

Discover the Future of Networking in Education & Research.As part of the "Next Generation Internet" Symposium, and Cisco's commitment to Education & Research. We'd like to share our vision of the future of Networking.


  • Next Generation Networks,Vision on Routing - Tony Bates - Vice President, Cisco Systems
  • Evaluating and Testing Next generation routers - Keith Jones - Technical Marketing Engineer
  • Next Generation Networks, Grid Network Services Interface & Dynamic Network Services - Monique Morrow - Consulting Engineer & Masum Hasan - Technical Lead
  • Next Generation Networks - Securing an Intranet - Network Access Control - Michael Behringer - Consulting Engineer

Thursday evening Cisco will host a dinner for all NGI attendees.

Presentations will include a very technical look into future developments conducted by some of Cisco's senior researchers. During the presentations, our speakers will be pleased to share with you our long-term strategy and address how these technological advances can bring a unique advantage to your organisation.

We look forward to seeing you at the "Next Internet Generation" Symposium in Poznan.The Symposium is free of charge; the only cost to you will be your transportation ticket and your hotel accommodation. In return, you will receive an unprecedented insight into the development of our latest technologies.

Where: The Next Generation Internet Symposium takes place at the Technical University of Poznan, the same location as the TERENA Conference, in room B.

Registration and Information

Juniper Networks R&E Summit

Attend a free technical workshop on Juniper Networks' solution for Research & Education Networks.

The venue is the Congress Centre:
ul. Piotrowo and Berdychowo

Research and Education (R & E) applications often push the state of the art as they demonstrate, test and deploy the advanced applications and technology that provide a preview of the future of networking.

The Juniper Networks R&E Summit is a unique opportunity to learn about Juniper's solution for the R&E community, from European scale network up to universities and research labs. This will cover through technical sessions the products and services provided by Juniper Networks, and that are required by the R&E community in order to move to the next generation network.

The seminar is free, but space is limited.

Registration and Information

MUPBED Project Workshop
Date:Thursday 9 June
Time:14:00 - 17:30
Venue: Congress Centre, room C.

Application benefits of dynamic resource allocation in the transport layer. This workshop is part of the European IST project MUPBED ,which investigates the application-oriented benefits of utilising dynamic resource allocation in the transport layer. A large European testbed has been established and a number of applications have initially been selected for trial in the testbed.The first results from these trials are used to initiate a discussion on a number of open questions:

  • What are the potential benefits of the dynamic resource allocation?
  • Which modifications are required in the application to take advantage of such infrastructure?
  • What other application with which properties should we expect to see in future networks?

User groups, service providers, operators and network developers are very welcome to participate.

More information about the MUPBED Project can be found on their website. The agenda of the workshop and the registration link will be posted shortly.

Please pre-register for this meeting by sending an email to Henrik Wessig

ADVA BoF Session
Date:Tuesday 7 June
Time:18:00 - 19:30
Venue: Congress Centre, room A

High-Speed WDM Transmission in Metro/Regional Networks

Dr. Klaus Grobe, Director Systems Consulting at ADVA Optical Networking Ltd., will outline the key aspects of high-speed WDM transmission in metro/regional networks:

  • The impact of fibre types on system design and cost
  • Dispersion and non-linear fibre optic effects
  • 40Gbit/s transmission - applications and implications

SEINIT Project Security Tutorial
Date:Thursday 9 June
Time:14:00 - 18:00
Venue: Congress Centre, room D

The SEINIT Project Tutorial on 'Trust and Security in Pervasive Networking' provides a global overview of trust and security issues in pervasive communication networks.

More information about this can be found on the SEINIT website.

The tutorial will start by giving an overview of existing and emerging security technologies such as IPsec, PANA/EAP, CGA/SEND, DNSsec, intrusion and anomaly detection, honeypots, etc.. and will describe their functionality. It will provide information about the threats and vulnerabilities they are defeating, their level of maturity and their complexity.

The presenters will outline some of the well-known solutions towards building trustworthy networks and will provide an introudction to new security paradigms with the emergence of the ambient intelligence concepts (infospheres and virtual paradigms) and new architectures (P2P, Virtual entities).

The tutorial will address new aspects of protection and security functions required for users, in a private infosphere, networked infosphere and in an open public infosphere. The session will also explain SEINIT's approach to shield the complexity of security from the user by deploying a virtual security architecture.

The names of the expert speakers will be listed in the agenda on the SEINIT website as soon as they are confirmed.

For more information contact: Sathya Rao.

Nortel BoF - Agile Optical Networks and Optical Transmission Physics
Date:Wednesday 8 June
Time:17:30 - 18:30, room A
Venue: Congress Centre
Cost-effective networks to support high performance and divergent applications on a common infrastructure:
  • Developments in Optical Technology
  • User Control
  • System and Design Flexibility

Jan Willem Elion, network design consultant for optical networks with Nortel


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